Monday, 28 December 2009

I'm a disgrace to the internet.

Look, if you'd wanted it finished in time you shouldn't have said such insanely nice things about the first two bits, now should you? How am I supposed to work with those sort of expectations? Gits.
Not really! Thanks to everyone who did say insanely nice things about Countdown to the End of Time and sorry it turned out to be about as punctual as when Invisibles counted down to the millenium.
All's not lost though. Even though I'll have to drop the "reviewing an episode without having seen it" angle now that we've seen it, I still think the material that makes up the remainder of the project will be interesting enough as a discussion of its context. I'll just call it End of Time Aftermath: Eat or something.

So, yeah. Three essay-oids left, provisionally entitled...

Merry Magha Puja, Mister Potter.

The Sheriff of Nottingham's Daughter and

Killing in the Name of Gummo.

Coming Soonish.