Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My third consecutive post about SeaGuy

Not that I've anything more to say about it. Other than perhaps how interesting it is as a companion piece to Irredeemable. In one you've got heroes robbed of their powers by a methodical attack on self-esteem, in the other you've got heroes robbed of their morality by the random grinding down of self-esteem by This Cruel World and... NO! I've nothing more to say about it.

Just thought I'd link to a commentary done proper, to Marty being typically generous about mine, and to to another interesting post of Marty's which seems very SeaGuy-relevant.

One thing that occured to me while reading it is that most dystopian/dystopian-ish SF does seem to fall on either side of a divide about whether or not it's Evil Government that'll steal our liberties or Evil Corporations that'll steal our liberties. But there's a broad agreement about the fact that some manner of Evil Bastards will steal our liberties, and there's a broad agreement in populist SF that you then tell the same sort of story about how bad this is.

Them political grids what you can do, the ones you can fold diagonally to PROVE that Thatcher is the exact opposite of Ghandi, well... the standard SF 'dark future' seems much more concerned with the social authority/liberty axis than it does with the economic left/right axis, which it almost treats as fungible.

That's interesting since that's more or less the opposite way round from how we all seem to think when we're considering the present. In HollywoodLaserGunTomorrow then we must heroically fight for our freedoms and it doesn't matter terribly much whether it was Big Government or McEvilCorp that half-inched 'em. In the here and now we're all crazy tribal about whether we identify as being right or left wing, and almost entirely indifferent to massive erosions of our civil liberties.

Except when surrendering our liberties means that some bunch of people we're not sure about lose thiers. We like that. Or when we we're giving up concrete, specific, real freedoms in order to better safeguard something undefined and rhetorical called FREEDOM. We like that too.

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