Sunday, 5 April 2009

I sense the Loco Man is very near

Second bit of SeaGuy thoughtstream, continued from previous post...

"Everyone knows the world's made of science and history"

Forget Morrison versus Moore, the Morrison versus Morrison feud begins here!
New Morrison hearts the secular rationalism that'd endorse this, but Morrison Classic still reckons all myths are TWUE! Who will win?

Inevitable Spoiler: They'll be synthesised in some way.

"I'm Flyin'!"

Anybody read the curious afterword Mozza's done for Irredeemable #1? In amongst the wildest hyperbole since his endorsement of The Umbrella Academy he draws an analogy between the events in the comic and the effect on writers' self-esteem of Internet criticism. Those of us who disliked Final Crisis had better make our peace and tell our families we love them.

"Some poor unfortunate just...stops being happy."

The perfect Doctor Who co-text to this issue is The Happiness Patrol. There's so much in that story that would fit perfectly into SeaGuy's world. Fifi, Trevor Sigma, the Kandyman, Priscilla P and the rest of them are practically part of SeaGuy's world already. It's got such a similar narative logic and, for this middle mini, a similar theme.

The perfect musical accompaniment to this issue is any Smiths album you might chose. I'm thinking Meat is Murder myself.

But despite this I can't get 3AM Eternal out of my head while reading it. Just because I know the mini that follows this is called SeaGuy Eternal and I'm extremely suggestable. And old.

Speaking of "just because", the peacock coughing up a clock in this panel is exactly the sort of randomness/symbolism I'm talking about when I talk about the "Should I be interpreting this or not?" panic that SeaGuy engenders. If it is right to call this book surreal, and I think it probably is, then it's surreal in the way Magritte is.

"I don't want to eat any more tuna sandwiches, doctor... please"

Feels like a callback to the "Hell of a way to join the ranks of the carnivorous" scene from The Filth. Which I hope and pray will someday get out of my head.

"This research proves there are no such things as fish..."

SeaGuy might seem a comic as mad as the doctors think SeaGuy is, but I'm increasingly convinced that it's what superhero comics look like in the 2009 where the industry isn't crazy.

Accessible but challenging, self-contained but richly intertextual, imaginative but disciplined.

In the sane 2009, the one where truly psychopathic books like Battle for the Cowl: Man-Bat or Bomb Queen V don't exist, then the racks are filled with superhero comics that're just like SeaGuy (whilst also being totally different).

"I'm a sane, educated man and I, too, saw the fish!"

Should SeaGuy: The Movie ever hit cinemas, the audience will stuggle not to join in with the clapping.

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