Monday, 2 February 2009

Omission statement

I think I'd like a blog.

Most of my time online seems to be spent talking about comics, and when I look at most posters on comic forums and at most bloggers then I find myself wishing I was in the latter group. Lets give this a try then.

Things I'm likely to end up talking about here include...

Comics - Probably to the exclusion of much else. There's so many of them! Most of them are quite little! Absurdly strident opinons are the expected response! Why talk about anything else?

Doctor Who - Though not often directly. I've a habit of relating any point I'm trying to make about any concept in life or fiction to a Doctor Who episode or novel.

Tedious Details From My Life - Let's be honest about this from the start.

Cute Things My Daughter Has Recently Said - As above.

Girls Aloud - It is time I worked out my complex feelings about these performers, and where better than in a journal potentially read by people who once respected me?

Big Brother - Once it starts up. Though part of me feels Dead Set was the real BB10 and the only natural end to the series.

LOST - I demand fewer answers! Stop collapsing all my lovely possibilities with your manky resolutions.

Skins - If season three picks up from the first episode.

Books - But not often. There's something a bit off about reading hundreds of pages that someone's sweated blood over and then dashing off a few paragraphs in appraisal, so in most cases I'd rather keep schtum than put in the work to do a decent essay or review. I realise my attitude here might not be convincing anyone that they're in for the finest in web-journalism.

Podcasts - I travel to work on a bus, and as I do so I like to have '90s comedians swearing in my ears.

How Evil The Daily Mail is - Everyone says it, but it can't be said enough.

My Parents' Caravan - Their attempts to rent it out meant it had a blog before I did. A rivalry may develop. Or it may become a guest columnist.

Comics and Doctor Who - It really will be mostly just them.

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