Friday, 6 February 2009

Event Fatigue

If I give in and end up liking The Airborn Toxic Event then I'll always carry the doubt that I've only done so because their name is a reference to a rilly rilly good novel. This is sort of the opposite of the situation I'm in with The Umbrella Academy, where I can never absolve myself of my suspicion that I'd like it more if I didn't know which band the writer's in.

My insecurities demand a full and immediate cessation of all artistic intercourse between writing and guitar pop.

The Today Programme, the radio show that defines Britishness each morning with the warm conviviality it directs towards listeners and the murderous rage it directs towards interviewees, recently described the weather we've been having as a 'Snow Event.'

They were immediately swamped with complaints about the use of this Americanism (the prefered British English phrase is "It is snowing") and with enquires from interested listeners wanting to know how they could get tickets for the Snow Event.

One of the presenters then kissed everything better by calling it "a snow event scenario situation."

My last post was a bit of a ramble on the similarities between the Final Crisis Event and Doctor Who. I ended with the Time Lord/Monitor connection, but ummed and ahhhed about whether or not to extend that into "So, if the Monitors are the Time Lords then that makes Nix Uotan..."

Didn't in the end, as I thought that might be a bit of a reach.

Then that evening, Newsarama put up an interview in which Morrison shared this thought...

"I see Uotan’s ‘hyperhero’ role in the DCU as a cross between the Silver Surfer and Doctor Who (particularly the Earthbound Jon Pertwee iteration of the character)."



  1. I live in Minnesota, and I've never ever once heard the term "snow event." Blizzard, yes. "Snow Day" for the days when we get over 3 feet in an 8 hour period and the schools have to be closed. "Snow Shower" if it's coming down in a rainesque way. But "Snow Event" is either completely reserved for the East Coast of the US or something British people made up and assigned as sounding American.


  2. Well, I suppose "Snow Event" could be used to describe the St. Paul Winter Carnival as well...

    There's a castle made of ice, a hunt to find a magic medallion hidden somewhere in the city, and Ricochet, the cowboy monkey was knighted this year.

    Truly, truly a Snow Event.

  3. '"Snow Event" is either completely reserved for the East Coast of the US or something British people made up and assigned as sounding American.'

    This is very possible. It does sound more like the weather Jack Bauer might expect to experience than any authentic American.

    I like that you've got such specific rules for how much snow closes a school. As you might imagine, this has been of some interest to our family over the past week, and here in Bristol it's been very subjective and school-by-school.

    Please tell me you'ver had a go at the Snow Sculpting Contest in that carnival.

  4. No, I haven't. I've considered submitting art to the summer annual State Fair, but the rules for participating in anything state-initiated are mind-blowingly stupidy.

    I actually haven't been to the Carnival in years. The Carnival's suffered in recent years due to some changes in culture. People can't go into the Ice Castle anymore because of safety regulations, and the Vulcans aren't allowed to mark women by giving them a kiss (they have to draw an 'x' on their hand after explicitly asking permission).

    Often, when I hear about other places panicking and closing everything for a few inches of snow, I have a good hearty laugh, and then go back to plowing the driveway.